the Dan Bachmann channel

Photography Perhaps due to the need for artistic expression, sharing the world, enjoying a bag of gadgetry or something that can't be put into words, Dan has set started taking pictures again with the simple goal of making images to be proud and maybe someone else might enjoy. To get a look, visit his photo gallery.
Travel Dan's travel obsession unfolded with his first travelogue, Sauntering which mainly covers travels in Europe. Future plans include other areas of the world. Where Sauntering left off, the photography has taken on some of the documentation of new places (see photography above). While not on the road, wheels are still turning if only in the mind as a participating Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a committee member of the Globe Trotters Club.
Software & Design An interest in computers came early and continues in the professional world of software development. While open to all systems, most recently the focus has been on Microsoft's .Net Framework and SQL which are put to use daily as a software engineer for and director of Yama Ltd.
Ritsuko Life wouldn't be complete without mentioning Ritsuko, who's smile Dan considers one of the great wonders of the human world. Our magical day in our castle is on-line here and Ritsuko's travel web page and blogs are, Mixi and So-net. A portfolio of her floral work is at
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